Web Programming: What I learnt during this Year End Holidays!

A lot of parents at First Code wonder what goes on inside the classroom, once they drop their kids off. This week, I am super excited to say that I was able to join our Introduction to Web Programming: HTML/CSS/Javascript holiday camp as a student! As a non-programmer, my knowledge of coding is about the same as an inexperienced 13 year old, so this course was perfect for me!

At First Code, we’re all for empowering students to become Creators with Technology.

Coding helps to shape one’s way of thinking. Michelle, our co-founder, and even Steve Jobs, have shared about how coding helps one to structurally decompose and analyze problems. At the same time, since it’s also a highly creative act, it allows individuals to create in an entire new medium.

Speaking of creativity, check out the 6 award-winning apps created by our students from our annual AppJamming Summit this year!


I was very keen to learn amongst young, intelligent, and creative individuals that despite their age, had a lot more to contribute than I did!

Can’t even begin to describe the amount of pride I felt when I typed out my first line of code, <h1>Project 0: Vandita’s Intro to Web Programming</h1>, and saw it appear on the screen was immeasurable. It signified the start of my coding journey, and I was excited for the many more lines of codes to come!

Find out more what are some of the projects that students did during the one-week Web Programming holiday camp!

Towards the end of the camp, I managed to create a Number Guessing Game together with the other 13-year olds!

Of course, we would run into a few bugs here and there, since it was our first time doing syntax coding. That’s when we had to debug – Debugging is the process of removing “bugs” or errors from your code that are stopping it from running the way you’d like it to. It’s a very important skill to have for more complex coding languages!

At First Code, done is better than perfect.

It is common to encounter blockers when we are working on our projects, what matters is how we overcome these blockers. This is an important classroom culture that we instil into our students. Of course, Suk Yee, our instructor was there to help us should we meet with any seemingly insurmountable challenges!

Parents were invited to sit in for the last 15 minutes of class, so that they can see their kids’ in-class presentation. It was really heartwarming to see the students sharing their inspirations and codes with the parents present whilst discussing with the others how to further improve their website!

I left the coding camp feeling really fulfilled, yet hungry for more. I wanted to know what else I could do to learn more programming languages and create more fun projects!

Prior to Web Programming, students at First Code will normally learn our popular programs like AppInventor or Scratch – block-based coding languages that do not require you to type or spell as much. Going forward, should the students are interested to pursue deeper into the web programming vertical, we have  a total of 6 levels for the students to conquer!

Check out our weekly term classes now starting from January 7! We also have our Holiday Camps during the March holidays!

Have a consultation session with us to find out which course is most suited for your child!

Year End Holiday Camps from Nov 19 onwards!
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