Student of the Month – December 2018

Looking sturdy into his laptop, Ambrose is now sitting there by the desk, working on his homepage project. We couldn’t expect more of such calmness and concentration from a 13-year-old. He is enrolled in level 2 of Web Programming term class with Instructor Aaliya and is nominated as our December star – Student of the Month. Let’s hear how he feels about coding and his favourite project!
“My favourite project has to be the Homepage project. I like it the most because it is like a playground, it gives me the most freedom to explore, in this case with web programming.” ——Ambrose Yeung, Student of the Month (December)  
Aside from the homepage project that makes one of Ambrose’s favourite, he also has been working on a user-friendly database management application for the iOS. One that can store, read and write data into. He puts great emphasis on developing a neat interface and defining his own styling in the the ‘colour-coded dark’ theme consistently.  We are glad to see him being sensitive to the industry demand on data management tools. Besides he has developed strong awareness in enhancing user experience and in optimizing the app with web components.
Ambrose presented his homepage project on Demo Day
“I would describe Ambrose as a very inquisitive child. He takes up new challenges on his own and always ask questions when he is curious. Apart from the languages learned in class, he takes this as an opportunity to learn more and broaden his knowledge in coding.” ——Aaliya Raza, Instructor, First Code Academy
When Aaliya further described, ‘Ambrose is always the first one to come up with modifications and improvements for the projects done in class’, we can all see a marvelous developer in him, one that responds to market and feedbacks, disciplined and entrepreneurial.
Ambrose & Aaliya
As an academy, there is no better joy than seeing the kids grow. For Ambrose, we love to see him in pure enjoyment of acquiring knowledge before concerning whether the skills can be applied. We believe his passion for learning and ‘curiosity’ are invaluable in learning STEM, like thousands of creators before us that owned these qualities. This is when we see education and programming resemble in a way; good words Ambrose has deployed here – the ‘infinite possibilities’. We are excited about his budding talent and all the impact he is capable of making, as much as he looks forward to building his personal projects. Let curiosity takes the spot and the playground is all yours! ——————————– Student of the month is a coverage program of First Code Academy to recognize outstanding students. We believe the student’s story feedback on teaching and gives inspirations to a broader audience in kickstarting code education. Join us in 2019! Our January term weekly classes are open for enrolment now! Learn More
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