mBot is real programming

Programming course for kids usually involves game-based projects to enhance children’s learning experience – one of the popular examples is mBot. mBot is an educational robot kit which is widely used in STEM education. With this friendly entry-level robot, children are able to learn basic programming, robotics, and electronics skills through simple and fun hands-on experience!


How does mBot work?

mBot contains around 40 assembly parts with step-by-step instructions, such that children can build a robot car from scratch in 15 minutes. The robot is then connected with a Scratch-based software called ‘mBlock’, which allows the user to control the robot car through Programming. As an entry-level learning kit, the mBot programming software doesn’t require learners to type a series of codes. It’s instead a drag-and-drop graphical programming that kids can easily understand and make changes on their own.

Except simply controlling the speed and directions of the car in certain conditions through programming,  mBot comes with more assembling and programming options (e.g. obstacle-avoidance car, line-following vehicle, remote control car) and can be used in multiple games like balloon bursting game, soccer playing, sumo, and etc. Children can try to create their own mBot games and play with others after learning the basics.

Video- what is mbot? (Source: Makeblock)


What skills can kids acquire through learning with mBot?

mBot is an all-in-one kit that includes multiple STEM elements. Throughout the learning (and playing) process, kids can acquire various skills that facilitate computing and science learning as well as personal growth.

1. Basic programming & Logical thinking:

 mBlock is the block-based programming software that makes programming easy to learn. Although kids don’t have to write difficult codes and languages, the process of making a robot car functional will help them to develop logical thinking. With good logical thinking skill, their paths to code learning (or even Science and Mathematics) would be much easier.

2. Robotic Machinery & Electronics:  

Children have to compose a robot step by step from scratch, from which they’ll get to know the basic electronic parts (e.g. controllers, sensors, motors and indicators) and the mechanism behind the basic robot functions (such as moving, turning rounds, picking up things etc.)

3. Creativity:

mBot offers hundreds of pre-assembled parts, and its mechanical body is compatible with Makeblock platform and most of Lego. With infinite extensibility and multiple functions of the robot, kids can DIY their own mBot games as well as the appearance with their own imagination.

Play-based learning enhances children’s learning outcomes

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, mBot is also an award-winning educational kit that highlights “play-based learning”, which is nowadays regarded as an effective education method that enhances learning outcomes especially for children in the early years.

Play-based learning not only encourages positive attitudes toward learning but also stimulate children’s drive for exploration and discovery, that fosters creativity and imagination. Furthermore, gaming in classes often requires students to collaborate with others and it helps develop social skills.

First Code Academy now offers a wide range of coding classes for kids and teenagers aged  4-18, while mBot courses are available for kids at 6-8 years old. Please visit First Code Academy to learn more about our courses and classes!   

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