Karlie Kloss – The supermodel that codes

Karlie Kloss is the star of today’s story. She walked into public attention in her early 20s, becoming the spokesperson of Estee Lauder, and now getting married to Joshua Kushner. Gaining both wealth and fame, she started her school mode and became a developer at New York University!

She has had strong interest in mathematics and science since she was young, and was determined to become a scientist . Her father who was a doctor fully supported her. Yet, as her charm shined and the slenderness had her captured by the modelling company at the age of 15.

Despite ten years of modelling, she has never given up on learning. In 2014, she started a two-week course at Flatiron School in Manhattan – to learn the development of Ruby on Rails’ website framework. That’s her first attempt in learning programming in an Adult School. Her talent was unstoppable and she couldn’t resist the passion but gave her full devotion. The School founder even described her as “the best student of the Year” before even recognising it was ‘her’!

Haven’t been this fulfilled in life, Karlie decided to take a big turn – she terminated her contract with Victoria Secret in 2015 and pursued Computer Science with New York University. Her Instagram style suddenly transformed from a fashion icon into a beautiful “nerd” spending days and nights in the library. Coffee with a computer, loads of notes, and thousands of lines of codes were her daily portrayal. Known to be a foodie in the fashion world, she designed a drone that can deliver cookies. In addition to the fancy codes, she was also keen on doing research on a variety of hardware.

Karlie played with the handy Raspberry Pi skilfully; it is a mini computer that can connect to Wifi, Bluetooth, sensors and other hardware devices for remote control. She is really good at it and even shared the process of assembling the laptop on her IG.

She noticed a significant gender imbalance across the industry during her studies. She was thus determined to develop a platform for girls who are interested in programming to pursue their passion. In 2015, she partnered with her School of enlightenment, donated and funded 21 young girls to study the Ruby on Rails course that she was enrolled into.

But that’s far from enough. A year later, she started her own code learning camp, Kode with Klossy, which was open to girls between the ages of 13 and 18.

Karlie didn’t just participated in the development of writing curriculums, but also the selection of teachers. Her course first started at three states, New York, Los Angeles and her hometown St. Louis, and now expanded to 18 states. (This reminds us of Michelle, founder of First Code Academy, who shared similar life experience.)

Students from Kode with Klossy are outstanding. They participated and won various Hackathon, and got into the Ivy League schools. Afterwards, Karlie collaborated with Flatiron School once again, offering courses to adult women. On a monthly basis, a student would be selected for a year-long website development course.

Karlie stays active on Youtube and IG to encourage girls to learn coding. She says: “coding is an invisible foundation of this technology-leading world. Understanding codes means that we don’t have to be led by the nose. Being able to do programming implies that we have the ability to participate in the construction, innovation and reform of the world’s technology trend.” First Code Academy also shares this belief- Let’s learn programming together, and let the children become creators of the future!

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