Webinar Recap – Ivy League Admission Secrets

On Nov.23rd, FCA and Curio Education have presented you a wonderful webinar on the topic of Ivy League Admission Secrets. Our guest speaker Mr. Waheed has shared a lot of insights and advices regarding the admission process. With careful review and reorganization, today we bring you this substantial post, hoping you would benefit a lot from this review. Now let’s check it out!


What It Takes to be Accepted to an Ivy League Schools?

No doubt grades and scores are important, they are the first main criteria when your kids apply to Ivy League schools. However, Ivy schools value a person as a whole, some other factors should also be considered: passion, leadership, fit, maturity, intellectual vitality, services to others, and also integrity.

1. Passion

Is your kid passionate about what he or she is doing? Say, activities the children are engaged with, such as taking coding classes and helping solve practical problems. Encourage your child to find his/her true calling, this makes the kid really cool! Demonstrate the passion in the application.

2. Leadership

Leadership is not simply a nice title like Student Government Leader, it is a mindset, and the ability to execution, to appeal more people to generate social good together. Students can demonstrate leadership in various ways, such as community service projects. Showcase this character in the application through one example.

3. Fit

Applying to Ivy League schools is a mutual evaluation and selection process. For a good match with the schools, check out these criteria when your kids apply: academics, IE classes, extracurricular activities, student clubs, or research opportunities etc. Help your kids to get a better understanding of the places they are going to spend 4 years in the future. Also demonstrate kids’ respective experiences in the essay or during the interview.

4. Maturity

Ivy League schools are not daycare centers. So get your kids ready for an independent life as an adult. Encourage them to be open-minded to make new friends and get new experiences!

5. Intellectual Vitality

Stay hungry, stay foolish. If the student is a person with strong curiosity and creativity for life, he or she seems to be a fun person that the schools want to know more. Demonstrate this character in the student’s essay, activities and interview.

6. Service to Others

Is your kid a giver, or just selfish taker? Ivy League schools not only value the students’ academic performance, but also appreciate the awareness of social responsibility. Demonstrate this character through social services, as well as in your essay and interview.

7. Integrity

Integrity means honesty. Demonstrate your child has the ability to do the right things when others are not looking.

Even with the aforementioned aspects of Ivy League admission requirements, many parents and students may still be confused with some commonly heard “rumors”. Let’s check out and you may have a clearer picture of the admission process.


5 Common Myths about Ivy League Admissions

1. My major matters

Major matters? Actually students are able to apply for any major and it does not affect the chances of admissions. For the young kids, their ideas change a lot. Universities are well aware of that.

2. Excellent grades and scores are sufficient

True, grades and scores are important, however as we mentioned before, there are also other aspects that Ivy schools value. So excellent grades and scores are necessary but they are not sufficient for gaining admission to an Ivy League Institution.

3. It’s hard to differentiate yourself from other applicants

What you do is just as important as why you do it. Consider why the kids do this activity? When prepare the application, demonstrate kids’ unique motivation for specific endeavor and showcase who they really are.

4. Parents’ financial situation will impact the chances of admission

Most Ivy League schools are aware that not every family can afford the tuition that is required to attend. Also many of these Ivy universities have generated endowments. So do not worry about your financial situation impacting the chances of admission to an Ivy League school.

5. Early Decision and Early Action programs improve chances of admissions

Early decision and early action programs do not improve the chances of admission.


  1. You mentioned that students need to stand out when they apply for Ivy League Colleges, and her kid is learning coding now and she’s wondering whether her child would be special among the other competing applicants by learning coding?

We have entered an informational and technological time, competitive indeed. Coding can serve as a foundational skill set that help children build on to do great things in various fields, say, finance, science research, arts and humanities, etc. Learning coding help promote children’s imagination and definitely help secure more opportunities in the coming competition.


  1. Is it harder to get into Ivy League schools as an international student?

Overall it’s not harder to get in as an international student. Actually the Ivy League schools would appreciate diversity and welcome students from a wide range of backgrounds.

However, the international students should be cautious about the high school credentials. If you are not attending an IB school, then this may become a challenge when you apply to the Ivy League school.


  1.  Why are Ivy League schools so selective, what is the practical benefit of an Ivy League School?

With time-proof reputation and top-notch education and research quality, the Ivy League schools have been the cradles for many top leaders in academia, business, finance or politics. The legacy tradition can provide advanced learning environment as well as strong alumni network for the students, which would become a strong support for their growth and personal development in a different culture.


  1.  If my kid is an introvert and not confident in public speaking how can he stands out from other competitive kids?

Everyone is different and this makes each of us unique. No matter you are an extravert or an introvert, it is important to be “yourself”. Students can get involved in activities that authentically showcase who they are. So as a parent, how can we support the kids?

        • encourage your child and let them shine!
        • help the kid find a situation or environment that he or she feels comfortable
        • help the kids to take initiative on their own

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