First Code Academy Presents: Launchpad, an immersive study tour to a global innovation hub

Since we started back in 2013, First Code Academy has now grown to serving over 10,000 students across 6 cities through in-person schools and online classrooms. Beyond this, First Code provides opportunities for students to present their coding skills in front of larger audiences. Our students have participated in TechCrunch Hackathons in Shanghai, spoken at Python Conference in Taiwan, and joined App Inventor Summits at MIT in Boston.

We asked ourselves how we can create more opportunities for all our students to step outside the classroom not only to present their work on bigger stages, but also to immerse themselves in real life, innovative companies, and came up with the idea of Launchpad. We are excited to be sharing this new program to our First Code Community.

The Vision

“The vision behind Launchpad is to bring students who are really interested in coding to see how real world innovation works. By showing students the workplaces of technology companies, chatting with technology entrepreneurs and software engineers, we bring together a powerful experience for them to explore their interests and passions in coding.“ – Michelle, Founder & CEO of First Code Academy

Launchpad is a brand new, overseas study tour offered by First Code where students have a unique opportunity to experience life in a global innovation hub, meet like-minded individuals and create projects to solve real-life problems in the community.

Summer 2018 in Silicon Valley

This past summer, our first cohort of 10 students packed up their laptops and joined us for a week in Silicon Valley. They kicked off the week with a goal-setting session followed by listening to a serial entrepreneur talk about his journey. In the days following, the students toured the headquarters of Facebook, Google, Microsoft, spoke with their employees, and visited several museums including Intel Museum and the Tech Museum. They wrapped up the week with a presentation of their projects where they designed an app and shared what they had learned throughout the various site visits.

I had learned about how San Francisco was the coding capital of the world and I thought it would definitely have a lot of advantages to go there and see the whole real deal. I had an amazing time there!  – Oliver, 12

Learn More

Looking for a Coding-Focused Study Tour for Your Kids? Learn more about First Code’s Launchpad

Registration for 2 Launchpad camps is now open for 1) Singapore in Easter 2019 and 2) Silicon Valley in Summer 2019! For more information, click here to learn more or contact us at


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