Aadi’s sharing – My learning journey in First Code Academy!

Hello Everyone! I am Aadi and I am here to talk about my First Code Academy experience. I came to learn coding at First Code Academy in 2014 when I was 9 years old. I have found that my time at First Code Academy has taught me three things that I would like to share with you. 

I learned that coding in structured way, like school, was very helpful. At First Code Academy, I started with MIT App inventor, which used coding blocks, and I worked my way to web design, and then I moved on to python. This structure is very helpful because in the beginning, I knew nothing about coding, and because I started with the basics and moved up to more difficult coding languages, I was able to understand a lot of the content that was taught in the class. 

At First Code Academy, I also learned the ability to speak clearly in front of a large audience, through my experience in participating in AppJamming Summits, Demo days and attending the MIT AppInventor Summit. I knew that in order for me to participate in these three events, I needed to practice my presentation and speech skills. Because I was motivated to participate in these events, every weekend I would practice presenting my project to my parents, so that I could get feedback and improve to become better.

Aadi presented his app to the judge – Mr. Charles Mok
Aadi at the award ceremony of AppJamming Summit with Michelle, Founder of First Code Academy
Preparing for his project at the AppInventor Summit, Boston
Aadi and his mentor at the AppInventor Summit, Boston

Lastly, First Code Academy offers many international experiences, which I benefited from. At my time in First Code Academy, I attended the Silicon Valley trip and the MIT AppInventor Summit. Because I traveled outside of hong kong, I got to meet a lot of cool entrepreneurs and professors who have inspired me and helped me learn more about the coding industry. For example, at the Silicon Valley trip, my friends and I got to visit and hear about some people’s backstory at working with a startup which later got bought by Microsoft. 

Launchpad Silicon Valley took Aadi to Facebook Headquarter
Aadi and other students at Launchpad Silicon Valley

In conclusion, my time at first code academy has taught me how to code in a structured way, helped me gain the ability to speak and present in front of a large audience, and I have been able to learn more about the coding industry through international experiences. I hope you enjoyed my story and can take away something from this post!

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