App Entrepreneur Design Thinking

We had one of the most exciting and fruitful summers for both our Hong Kong and Singapore campus this year. One of the interesting courses that we ran is two-week App Entrepreneur Design Thinking Bootcamp for students aged 15 and above. Students learn to code and to solve a real problem. More than learning  to code we believe in empowering students to become creators and using their skill to help others.

6 Most Demanded and Fun Jobs That Coding Can Get You Into


Thinking of having your child to learn programming and wondering what careers can coding lead to? Most parents see the importance of coding literacy in helping their children stand out from the crowd and open up doors for their future career. Does Coding only lead to a career in development? We share more on different jobs that coding literacy plays a big part in.

5 Games Parents Can Teach Young Children Coding Concepts at Home


Learning to code has became a trend to both children and adults. More and more parents want to get their children exposed to coding. A very good example is Mark Zuckerberg’s father, a dentist, believes in exposing computer to his children at an early age which has since fostered Mark Zuckerberg’s interest in technology. When speaking to parents, we often hear that they wish to help cultivate coding skills in their children.

3 Reasons Why Coding is Relevant for Kids in this Generation


Remember Minesweeper and SkiFree, the first few games that you played on a Windows computer? How long do you think you can resist from checking your phone even if there is no notification? From then to now, you will probably agree with me that technology has become an integral part of our life. And behind these devices are rows and rows of code.

First Code Academy AppJamming Summit 2016 – Talented App Makers


First Code Academy hosted the annual AppJamming Summit 2016 on 17 April at the Innocentre in Hong Kong. Following from last year’s success, young talents including both primary and secondary students came together and shared their apps. Over 20 finalists across Asia showcased their apps using MIT App Inventor at the Summit. In an effort to combine technology and households together, the AppJamming theme was My Dream Home.