One Must-Do Tip Before Getting Your Child the First Smartphone


As children start interacting with technology at younger and younger ages, it has become more common for them to start owning a mobile phone from an early age. If parents prefer to accommodate their child’s request, what would the best way of doing so? In this post, we will discuss how parents can monitor their child’s usage of technology after device ownership.

Is Technology Affecting Children’s Behavior and Attention Span?

Tablets, Computer or phones - tech can be a concern but also an educational tool.

It’s a common to see children as young as 3 years old play YouTube videos on iPad and they can navigate around the device confidently. They are digital natives that grow up in the era of technology. Yet, there is a rising concern among parents if technology will affect their child’s behavior and attention span. We spoke to Ann Bridgewater, a clinical psychologist specialising in children and adolescents to understand this topic better.

The Most Recommended Coding Languages for First Time Coders (Part I)


Parents often share with us that they are unfamiliar with programming and unsure what is the most suitable first coding language for their child to pick up. To help you get started, we will share the differences between Blocks-based and Syntax-based language and the recommended first coding language to pick up for beginner and advanced coders. 

Technology For Good Pt 1


Reimagining Crowdfunding to Aid the Poor with HandUp

Many are interested to volunteer and give back to the society but do not know where to start. They are also concerned that their donation will not reach the needy. On the other hand, those in need often do not know how to seek help. In this series of “Technology For Good” blog posts, we share inspiring stories of how entrepreneurs use technology to make impact to the world’s pressing social issues.